If you need résumé help, we are here!  Our professional résumé writers and designers will work with you to design a résumé document that is tailored to your experience and your career aspirations.

In today's competitive marketplace, employers may only spend a few minutes considering your application. Make sure you stand out with a document which highlights your unique skills and abilities.


Initial Design: Basic (includes 30-minute in-person, email, or telephonic interview): $220.00

Initial Design: Pro (includes 60-minute in-person, email, or telephonic interview): $350.00


The following prices assume that we will be editing/reformatting an existing résumé. Please see prices above for résumé design if this service is needed.

Student Résumé (Less than two years' experience in a given field): $120.00

Professional Résumé : $250.00

Technical Résumé : $350.00

Executive Résumé or CV:  $450.00

Cover Letters: $ .50 per word

Our clients have 30 days to make additional changes (not including an entire re-design) at no additional charge.