Proofreading involves identifying and correcting errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, verb tense and the like.

Our proofreading service is designed for writing that comes to us relatively free of errors, and does not require sentence reconstruction or improvement in clarity.

Proofreading service: 6¢ per word (about $15.00 per standard 250-word page)


Copyediting involves all of the services involved in proofreading. In addition, it consists of correcting problems with garbled sentences and improves clarity, sentence structure, word choice and organization. The following are examples of errors which are corrected: run-on sentences, problems with subject-verb agreement, garbled sentences, inconsistency in voice, and inconsistency in tense. Copyediting is similar to rewriting in that it enhances your content by making it easier for the reader to understand. 

Copyediting service: 12¢ per word (about $30.00 per standard 250-word page) 

Content Editing Service

Content editing consists of all of the services involved in copy-editing, but in addition, consists of a scholar in your discipline (master’s level and above) reviewing your work to ensure that there are no problems in terms of the content of your work.

Content editing service:  24¢ per word
     (about $60.00 per standard 250-word page)

All prices are in USD